Cinematographic oral practices

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The Cinema and Orality Research Group has decided to launch a database providing access to comprehensive information on oral film practice cases. Our goal is to offer a research tool for referencing and comparing different forms of oral practices in cinema from around the world by creating a networked database. The database is organized according to categories (historical period, geography, culture, and other more precise characteristics) and will be updated regularly from both our own research and the research of our Canadian and foreign collaborators affiliated with the group. The site is operated and maintained by members of our team and is available to all researchers, students or affiliated institutions. We invite you then to browse (via the Browsing menu) the different data forms of cases already included in our database. You can navigate from one data form to another or select those that interest by using the Search by Key Words or Guided Search functions. Browsing the data forms is open to the public. Further options (entering data, participating in blogs, keeping track of your searches, etc.) require an account. Click on Create New Account to get started. All content available on the database (data, bibliographies, pictures and articles) is considered intellectual property. We ask you therefore to reference all information taken from the database using established guidelines.